Palm and shrubs at ground level with Bougainvillea spilling over edges of planting decks projecting from tower
Telekom Malaysia Headquarters Building (Menara Telekom), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Landscape on podium and sky gardens
  • Telekom Malaysia Headquarters Building (Menara Telekom): Designing landscape in close coordination with the architects and engineers, including a 2.8-hectare plaza with planting, over a parking garage, and a series of suspended “sky gardens” stepping up to the 54th floor of an office building, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Charles River Laboratories: Overseeing landscape architectural design and construction documentation, Reno, Nevada.
  • Gateway Toyota: Preparing landscape design and submitting for City approvals including review by the Edmonton Design Committee, Edmonton, Alberta.
  • King Ranch Spa:Preparing a grading plan for the project set on the edge of an escarpment, King City, Ontario.